• X-Werks Remington 700 5R 24" TB 300 Win

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    **Please allow 5-7 business days for coating**

    New in Box X-Werks Coated Remington 700 5R .300 Win with a stainless 24” 1:10 5R twist threaded barrel, part # 85508. These rifles have a Cerakote finish of your choice applied by X-Werks, X-Werks is a professional finishing company located in Phoenix, AZ. Along with the coating the rifle has a 5/8x24 threaded barrel, jeweled bolt, aluminum bedding, hinged floor plate and X-Mark Pro adjustable triggers. This is a post recall rifle.

    **By selecting "Rifle Finish" the Barrel, Action, Bottom Metal, Bolt Knob, and Thread Cap will be coated.  If you also select "Matching Bolt" the jeweled portion of the bolt will be coated to match the rest of the rifle.**